Chandna Corporation

Chandna St, FB Area Block 22, Karachi, Pakistan.


Testing Unit

Dyeing with following High Temperature Dyeing Machines with dyeing capacity of 12 Tons Knit Fabric per day:


1THIES H/T3 Nos.1500 Kg Each
2SCHOLL    H/T 3 Nos.500 Kg Each
3SCHOLL    H/T 1 Nos.1000 Kg
4SOFTFLOW3 Nos.500 Kg Each
6SAMPLE 1 Nos.50 KG
7SAMPLE 1 Nos.15 KG
8SAMPLE 2 Nos.30 KG


  • Corino Golden Eye Slitter for slitting for open width fabrics.
  • The Testing laboratory is equipped with latest equipment including data colour to do all types of testing.
  • Raising/Napping comprises of 2 machines for brushing the fleece fabric.
  • Lamperti Sueding/ Peaching machine for Peaching of knitted fabrics.
  • Heat set for Tubular fabrics.
  • Finishing comprises of
    1. 02 X LK&LH Conveyer Dryer (4 Chamber each)
    2. 01 X Babcock Stenter (Germany) for open width(size 94 inch open).
    3. 1 X Tube Tex compactor (size 60 inch).